Introducing the world's first platform for gathering emergency intelligence.


Share911 leverages real-time collective intelligence, in one place, and turns it into actionable intelligence that enables help to happen faster.

Alert everyone faster.

Take a moment to think about all of the steps involved in getting help during an emergency where you work. Now think about how much time is wasted getting as information is relayed over and over before action or help starts to happen.

What if you could alert everyone simultaneously right from wherever you are and let them know you need help or what action to take? Share911 does exactly that, simultaneously sharing your emergency with fellow employees, managers and public safety personnel showing them where help is needed, how to navigate to that location faster or keep them out of harms way.

Bring it all together in one place.


As everyone shares information, everyone sees the same information in real-time wherever they are. The result? Everyone is able to make better, more informed decisions and the people who make help happen - police, fire/rescue and EMS personnel can navigate to exactly where help is needed.

See it in action.