It's time to use your mobile device to do more than just call 911 during an emergency.

Share911 changes how you communicate during an emergency by letting you share information with all of the people you work with and directly with the people who respond to help you.


It's simple to use on your mobile device or computer. Share911 connects you with your co-workers and First Responders so you can alert them to an emergency, share what's happening where you are and let everyone know if you need help or if you are okay. 

That help might be right around the corner or it may be on its way, but in either case, Share911 can reduce the time it takes for help to arrive when you need it most.

For building managers, school administrators and public safety personnel, Share911 provides unprecedented real-time visibility to help you respond to and manage emergencies. Share911 lets you account for everyone, see exactly where help is needed and keep everyone informed via text, email and desktop messaging.

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Share911 provides me with a very comfortable sense of knowledge, awareness and capacity to evaluate exactly where we are, should we be confronted with a crisis.”
— Michael Davino, Superintendent of Springfield Twp. Schools

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