It's Simple and Fast.

When an emergency is happening in your school, workplace or building, every second counts. Share911 makes it simple and fast for you share your status, account for everyone and provide first responders with unprecedented real-time visibility to see exactly where help is needed and how to get there.

Take 40 seconds to see how you can share your status in seconds, right from from your mobile device or computer.

That's it. In just seconds, from wherever you are you can check-in on Share911. Best of all, it's free. All you need to do to enable people to check-in during an emergency at your school, workplace or building is sign up.

You get 100% accountability in real-time.

As people in your school, workplace or building check-in, you see their status appear on LiveView, showing you exactly who needs help, who is secure, who has evacuated and who is off-site. No more wondering if every is accounted for, you can see it live on Share911 from wherever you are, right on your mobile device or computer.

Police and firefighters get real-time visibility.

Share911 is free for law enforcement, fire/rescue and emergency management personnel (sign up as a Share911 Public Safety Partner here). When they respond to your school, workplace or building, they can immediately see where where help is needed on their own mobile device or computer in their vehicle.

Share911 shows Law enforcement officers exactly where a threat, such as an active shooter, was last seen. Fire/Rescue personnel can see exactly where people are trapped or injured. First responders see the fastest way to navigate to where help is needed - what floor to go to, which door to enter and which side of the building its happening on.