Share911 Features

Every Share911 Network includes, at no charge, the ability for each person to Check-In and for everyone involved to have real-time visibility to all check-in's via the LiveView feature. It's free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people.





Simple and easy to use, even in an emergency.

Use your finger to answer three simple questions - what's your status, where are you and how many people are with you and tap submit.



100% real-time accountability and visibility for first responders.

If you need help, everyone involved in your emergency can see your exact location, how to get there, how many people are with you and any message that you share. If you don't need help, the people in charge can account for you in real-time.

Add-On Features

Share911 Plus, Standard and Enterprise Plans offer the ability to add a variety of valuable and useful features to your Share911 Network.

Broadcast Alert enables authorized members of your network to alert everyone of what action they should be taking in response to an emergency. For our school customers, the most common directives are lockdown, shelter-in-place and evacuate. For our high-rise building customers, Share911 enables them to broadcast alerts to an individual floor, a group of floors or the entire building.

Share911 makes alerting portable and more efficient, while reaching everyone via text, email and desktop alert wherever they are.

During an emergency, communication is critical and keeping people informed is essential. Share911 provides the easiest and most efficient way for schools, companies and buildings to share emergent information with everyone or groups of people via text and email.

From a business continuity perspective, the Share911 Messenger feature can enable your management team to stay in communication with your personnel, no matter where they are, keeping them informed of what is happening and what they should be doing. 

Share911 Incident Management enables the critical members of your staff to check-in to share their status and once on scene, let everyone know what their role is and how to reach them. 

This feature enables public safety personnel, such as police and firefighters, to see who their counterparts are from the school, company or building, which is critical to unified command.