The Social Network for Emergencies

Use Share911 to connect directly with Police Officers, Firefighters and the people around you at your school or in your workplace. Share what's happening where you are and receive real-time visibility to what's happening around you.






Share911 enables you to broadcast alerts from wherever you are, right from your own mobile device, letting the people around you know that they need to take immediate action while simultaneously notifying Police Officers and Firefighters of your emergency, which can reduce response time.






Show Police Officers and Firefighters what is happening where you are by sharing your status, your exact location, how many people are with you and a message. Your check-in can reduce the time it takes for help to arrive.






Who are you missing and who have you found? Report your accountability online and leverage the power of the crowd to find missing persons.






Police Officers and Firefighters can see your status, your exact location (including what floor and side of the building you are on), how many people are with you and your message - at the command post and on the mobile devices of police and firefighters working on the scene.

Your check-in can reduce the time it takes for them to find you or a threat when seconds count.





Be ready to Share911 the next time an emergency is happening at your school or where you work. It takes just a moment to sign up and there is no cost.