What is Share911?

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Introducing the emergency communication platform for the 21st century.

Share911 connects all of your locations and everyone in your organization on one simple platform. Alert everyone when an emergency is happening, see who needs help, account for everyone and keep them informed, right on their own mobile device or computer.

Instantly connect everyone, everywhere.

Whether you're responsible for a school district with multiple schools, a shopping center with hundreds of stores, a high-rise building with multiple tenants or a company with locations across the country or around the world, when an emergency is happening Share911 connects everyone, everywhere in real-time and provides real-time visibility to make help happen faster.. 

Empower everyone to make faster, more informed decisions.

The difference between life and death during an emergency comes down to how quickly all of the people involved can make informed decisions about what action to take.

Corporate, Property and Building Management personnel who need to make decisions about what actions to take can use Share911 to base their decisions on real-time situational awareness instead of guessing. Share911 alerts management personnel the moment anyone reports and emergency at any location and enables the situation to be monitored from anywhere, right on your mobile device.  

Security and Life Safety, Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue personnel who are charged with responding to emergencies can mitigate a threat, rescue the trapped or treat the injured faster if they have real-time information that shows them where they need to go and how to get there. That's Share911.


See what Share911 can do for you.

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