The Emergency Social Network.

Share911 is the private social network that connects people during an emergency at a school, on a campus or at a workplace, enabling them to share their exact location and what is happening where they are. As a result, police spend less time searching for an active shooter and firefighters spend less time searching for people who are trapped. 

See for yourself visit our demo right now. Login email: and password: share911

Three Great Reasons To Share911

Alert everyone that something is happening and what action to take.

Reduce response time for police and firefighters to get where they need to go.

Account for everyone in real-time and find missing people as fast as possible.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"In the event of an actual security event, the speed with which law enforcement and school administration is notified and mobilized using Share911 is the most critical factor in mitigating a threat."

Dr. David Browne, Superintendent, Randolph Public Schools

"One of the most important issues during a crisis is communication and it's also one of the most difficult to manage. The Share911 system is a simple but brilliant system to address this issue."

Mary Jane Canose, Business Administrator, Chester School District

"The Share911 system enables our First Responders to get a good look at what's occurring in our buildings in real-time."


Dan Fishbein, Superintendent, Ridgewood Public Schools

We are proud to be an Official Service Partner of the National School Boards Association and to be recognized as a Technology Innovation Company by NSBA members as one of the six most innovative technology companies in America.