Get help, faster.

Share911 is web-based software that helps employees collaborate, communicate and make better, more informed decisions during workplace emergencies.

Enterprise software for workplace emergencies.

Your employees computer and mobile devices are likely loaded with software and apps that can help them be more productive and organized at work. What's been missing, until now, is software that can help them during an emergency.

Share911 lets employees collaborate to get help faster, to see where help is needed and know if they are in danger, right on their mobile device or computer.

Whether you have employees in one location or at locations around the world, you can account for every employee, wherever they are, in real-time.

Let co-workers know if you need help or not.

Any normal workday can change in a second - a medical emergency, a fire, a building collapse or industrial accident, even a violent intruder, such as an active shooter, are all situations where employees may need help quickly.

When these incidents occur and employees need help, they can alert their co-workers from wherever they are, letting them see where help is need, how to get there and what's happening. 

You should call 911 if you need the police, fire department or emergency medical service personnel to respond, but it will always take time for them to arrive at your workplace.

Empower your co-workers to be your first responders when you need help and account for you as quickly as possible during large-scale incidents.


Alert co-workers when they are in danger.

Every second counts when a serious emergency is happening in your workplace - Share911 and is the fastest way for you and your co-workers to alert each other to take immediate action by issuing a lockdown, shelter-in-place or evacuation order from wherever you are, right from your own mobile device. Your alert is instantly transmitted to your co-workers saving valuable time while simultaneously alerting management that an emergency is happening.


Reduce response time for Police/Fire/EMS

Share911 can show participating Police, Fire/Rescue and EMS personnel critical, real-time information from every employee even before they even arrive! Once on the scene, incident commanders can prioritize their response and navigate exactly where help is needed instead of wasting valuable time searching an entire building. 

Police can get to the threat faster, Firefighters can rescue you faster and EMS can treat your injury or medical emergency faster. 

Share911 is free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people.