About Us

Share911 is about leveraging technology to change what happens during emergencies in schools, on campuses and in the workplace.

We believe that by connecting everyone on the scene of an emergency, we can enable better decision making, faster response times and ultimately, improve the outcome of an emergency of any size. 

So, how does it work?

Simple. Share911 is a browser-based web-application, which means it is accessible from any compatible mobile device or computer with a web-browser and an internet connection.

We create a private and secure emergency social network for your school, your campus or your workplace. The only people with access are the people who have been invited to be part of it. 

When a member of your network believes there is a reason to alert everyone to lockdown, shelter-in-place or evacuate, due to an emergency, they can broadcast that alert from wherever they are, from their mobile device or computer. That alert is transmitted electronically, via text and email, to everyone on your network, while simultaneously notifying local first responders.

Once made aware of an emergency, every member of your network can Check-In to share their status, their exact location and other critical information. This information is visible to every member of your network and to First Responders, showing them exactly where they need to go to mitigate a threat, rescue the trapped or treat the injured.