Our Mission

OnScene Technologies, Inc. is about leveraging technology to dramatically improve the outcome of emergencies. 

We believe that by connecting everyone on the scene of an emergency, we can enable better decision making, faster response times and ultimately, improve the outcome of an emergency of any size. 

Our Leadership Team

Erik Endress

A volunteer First Responder with the Ramsey Rescue Squad for nearly 30 years, Erik is a recipient of the New York City Mayoral Award for Heroism & Bravery. Much of his careers has been spent leveraging technology to solve complex problems and logistics, Erik brings unique insight and first-hand experience to how the use of technology can positively impact emergency communications and response.

Erik first envisioned the concept for creating elastic, temporary social networks to connect people and first responders during emergencies in 2008 after Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas and hundreds of thousands of people evacuated. While a bit ahead of its its time, Help In A Zip used zip codes to connect people during an emergency and would enable them to share information.

Adrian Lanning

With extensive (11 years) experience designing & developing online software applications, Adrian enables us to build real-time solutions and applications. Prior to co-founding OnScene Technologies, Adrian designed and developed online real estate financial analysis products that allowed commercial investors to model cash flow and quantify risks.


Raymond P. Bailey

Ray began his career in law enforcement as a Security Specialist with the United States Air Force. Ray recently completed a 26-year career in law enforcement and retired as the Deputy Chief of the Ramsey,NJ Police Department. He is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), a graduate of the FBI National Academy, a member of IACP and serves as the Chairman of the ASIS International Northern NJ Chapter. Ray’s experience and expertise provides us with real-life expertise that we integrate into our products.