If You See Something, Share911 Something

Today, we are proud to introduce a new feature of Share911.com school safety solution which is called "Report". This new feature empowers all of the people in your schools ecosystem, employees, students and even parents, to react by reporting suspicious activity, persons or vehicles or observe hazardous conditions. 

For example, an employee or student arriving at school and observing a suspicious person in the parking lot can easily report that to the school Emergency Response Team, right from their mobile device.

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Each member of the School Emergency Response Team (ERT) is alerted electronically via text and email that an incident report has been created and can indicate if they are responding to the incident.

Text alert to lock screen

Text alert to lock screen

Text alert detail with link

Text alert detail with link

The members of the school Emergency Response Team can then determine the course of action which should be followed. If they believe the person is a threat, they can immediately issue a lockdown alert via Share911 to separate as many people as they can from the threat, while simultaneously notifying their local law enforcement personnel via Share911.

The Report feature is part of our Enterprise package. Our existing customers will see it appear on their networks in the next week or so, all new customers will have Report enabled from day one.

How Does This Make Sense?

In most schools, when a lockdown is called due to an active-shooter, teachers and employees are trained to:

  1. Lock their door
  2. Turn off the lights
  3. Get out of the line of sight of the door or windows
  4. Remain quiet
  5. Silence anything that can make noise.

Most active-shooter protocols contain the same advice: implement lockdown procedures, minimize the target profile, and wait for the police to neutralize the threat. Teachers, students and other occupants of the building should hide quietly, lock or barricade doors and turn off lights that make attract the shooter's attention.

But in some schools, there is an additional step that teachers and employees are trained to perform and that is to affix one of these color-coded pieces of paper to the window or slide it under the door.

  1. Use the red card if everything is not okay or help is needed.
  2. Use the green card if everything is okay.

Affixing these cards to classroom and office doors seems to contradict all of the other lockdown techniques which are designed to minimize the target profile. If a shooter can't see if anyone is in the room and the door is locked, perhaps they will not take the time necessary to force entry to find a target.

But if the shooter sees a red or green card, they know one thing: people are in that room because somebody put that card on the window.

We are told that the intention of these cards is to let First Responders quickly access the situation in each room as they search the building, but until the threat is located and neutralized, First Responders aren't going to concern themselves with these cards, they have a single mission and that is to find the shooter.

Teachers and school employees tell us that they share our concern with the red card/green card technique. Teachers believe that placing these cards in windows contradicts the purpose of the lockdown and that they reveal that the room being made to appear unoccupied is actually occupied.

The Share911 Emergency Information System embraces the concept and intention of these cards - that sharing information with First Responders is indeed helpful, but we want it done privately, without revealing information to the threat.

Using Share911, teachers and employees can share real-time information directly with First Responders, right from their own mobile device or a computer (as long as it is out of the line of sight), not just letting First Responders know if everything is "okay" or "not okay" but actually showing them the last known location of the threat, reducing the time it will take for police to find and neutralize it.

What Will You Do With Your Three Minutes?

In a major step forward for emergency preparedness and school safety, NJASA & The SHARE911Network have partnered to bring a school safety tool to schools!  

NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza said, "The SHARE911 Network function is extremely beneficial and certainly prepares New Jersey’s learning environments for the unexpected. The ability for teachers and others to use smart phones, computers and iPad tablets to transmit their locations and statuses immediately to school, local and police officials is extremely valuable for all New Jersey residents.”

In The Path: It's Tornado Season for Schools

The Share911 Emergency Information System cannot prevent your school from being in the path of a tornado, but it can provide the ability for school employees and students to be alerted to the threat as quickly as possible and to communicate directives such as an evacuation order or shelter-in-place order.

Share911 also enables every employee to report their exact location in the building, their status, headcount and report if they are missing anyone, in seconds, right from their own mobile device. This information can provide First Responders with valuable information that can be essential to the search and rescue operation after the storm as passed.

Once the storm has passed, Share911 can facilitate the reunification of your students and their parents as quickly and efficiently as possible