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Account Management for School Administrators, Educators and Employees

Account Management for Public Safety Personnel

How to change your Password

If you wish to change your password, simply click on your name on the menu bar and then select "Change Password". You will be prompted to enter your old password and then enter your new password.


If you Forget your Password

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the words "Forgot Password" on the log in screen and then provide your email address to have it reset.


Add a link to Share911 to your Home Screen

Share911 is accessible from iOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices. Share911 is browser-based, which means you DO NOT need to download or install an "app" to access it, simply open your web browser and enter the share911.com web address.We recommend that you create a shortcut on your home screen or bookmark Share911.com to make it easy to access during emergencies.

Start at the Log In screen...


Staying Logged In to Share911

Because Share911 is used during emergencies, many people choose to remain logged in, so they do not need to remember or enter their creditials. If you do not log out of Share911, it will keep you logged in.

Managing your Share911 Network

In order to manage your Share911 Network, you must have Manage Network permissions. If you do not have Manage Network permissions and need them, contact us be sure to include your Network name.

If you have Manage Network permission, click on Manage Network under your name or the word Menu, on the menu bar.

Add Check-In Locations

The members of your network need locations to Check-In to! You can add those locations where it says "Locations". Simply enter each location on its own line. Be sure to hit "Update Network" at the bottom of the screen to save your changes. We suggest putting your check-in locations in alphabetical or numerical order to make it easiest for your members to locate them.

Add Evacuation Locations

Evacuation locations are similar to Check-In locations, except these are the places your members would go to in the event that they have evacuated your building or campus. If you have designated evacuation locations, add them here. If you don't have designated locations, look around and enter the names of locations your members would likely end up if they evacuated. For instance, if you have a shopping center across the street from your school, its likely your members might end up in the parking lot there.

Manage the members of your Share911 network

In order to manage the members of your Share911 Network, you must have Manage People permissions. If you do not have Manage People permissions and need them, contact us for assistance and be sure to include your Network name.

If you have Manage People permission, click on Manage People under your name or the word Menu, on the menu bar.

People Directory

The People Directory shows you all of the current members of your network and their permissions. You can update their profile by clicking on their name, or, by clicking on the Actions button to the right, you can select which networks the member belongs to, manage their permissions, manage their profile, update their password or remove them.

Inviting New Members

Inviting a new member to your network is simple. Click on Invite New People and then enter their email address. If you have another person to invite, you will see a new box appear for that entry. If you have a whole lot of people to invite, click where it says "Need to invite a lot of people? Click Here" on the right and you can copy and paste a list of email addresses. 

Each person will receive an email invitation from you, inviting them to join your network. They must accept this invitation in order to gain access.

Awaiting Activation

Persons who have been invited to join your network but have not accepted your invitation appear under the Awaiting Activation heading. 

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